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Baleshware Interprise, is Leading Tyre Dealers in Kutch-Gujarat A renowned tyre dealer, BE established in the year 2010. It was launched with a vision to offer quality products and services to its valued customers. As a tyre dealer, it markets a wide range of tyres for motorcycles, car alloy wheels and related maintenance services. With a firm belief of setting benchmarks in providing best customer experience through innovative and unique ways, this establishment has continued the legacy of excellence in service, year on year. It strives to create benchmarks with their customer centric approach. They have earned appreciation and praises from their clients for their impeccable products and services.


  • -Proper selection of tyres for the vehicle is very important to ensure optimum and safe operation.
  • -Some of the critical factors to be considered for correct tyre selection are:
  • -Vehicle type & use (passenger or goods)
  • -Load carried and type of load (Load Index/PR)
  • -Speed and sustained operations (Speed Symbol)
  • -Type /Rim combination (Tyre Size and Rim Profile)
  • -Operating conditions (Type of Roads/Terrain)
  • -Tyre pattern design requirements based on the application


  • - Ensure that the rim is correct for the tyre size to be fitted.
  • - Clean the wheel thoroughly to remove all contamination.
  • - Ensure that the wheel is not cracked, deformed, damaged or bent.
  • - Lubricate the tyre beads with an approved tyre lubricant.
  • - With the tyre on the rim, start the inflation, making sure that tyre beads are seated correctly on the rim seat.
  • - For safety reasons always use a new tube when fitting new tube type tyres.
  • - Tubeless tyres must be fitted on air tight rims.
  • - Before starting to remove, ensure that the tyre is completely deflated.
  • - Ensure that there is no danger of the tyre bursting due to damage, exposed plies, etc.

  • - Tyre mounting / demounting and changing can be dangerous and should be done by trained personnel using proper tools and procedures.
  • - Never mount or use damaged tyres/ rims.
  • - Explosion of tyre rim assembly can occur due to improper mounting, mis-application, improper inflation or overloading leading, to serious injuries or death.
  • - Never use inflammable substance in a tyre.

JK tyre